Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clancy Robert

The more time that passes, the more daunted I become with picking up this blog thing again!
I hear there are still some people out there who have not completely given up on me and my inconsistent ways (Hi, Nanny!).

Since the last time I wrote, our house has become alive with colour, babble-speak and drool..lots of drool. A little butterball boy has landed among us and, for the last 6.5 months, he's been stretching out our hearts and wearing down our public inhibitions. I will pretty much do anything for this kid.

Hopefully, I've given myself a little room to write more artfully about our Clancy Robert now that I've introduced this little person to you. Here's to hoping.

1 comment:

Julie S. said...

Oh, look at that drool hehe. Miss you.